Audit Exempt Services

While we believe there are hidden benefits in having company accounts subject to a detailed annual audit, we also understand that there are a large number of directors who are intimately involved in almost every transaction in their organisation and who do not wish to have the additional cost of a yearly audit and who wish instead to opt for audit exemption.

We are happy to provide audit-exempt services to entrepreneurs using the Mercia™ Audit Exempt pack which provides for a high level of comfort that numbers are accurate while minimizing the cost to the business of this verification.

For audit-exempt clients we also prepare abridged financial statements for the Companies Registration Office and Corporation Tax returns for Revenue.

We feel it is important to maintain quality standards when preparing audit-exempt assignments so that external users of financial statements such as banks, suppliers and Revenue can all feel confident that your financial statements, while not audited, have been subject to the attention of an experienced accounting firm.  We feel that our name, as the preparing accountants, provides that level of comfort.

If you wish to discuss the preparation of audit-exempt financial statements please contact:

Amanda Sheerin
Tel: 046 943 7900

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