The first question we ask a potential audit client is whether they require an audit at all – read more here

Having established the requirement for an audit, we feel that simply verifying the accuracy of the numbers, while extremely important in itself, is no longer viewed as sufficient by owner-managers.  We understand that many clients view the audit as a waste of money imposed by the government.

We disagree strongly.

At OHD, our focus is on using the information gleaned during the audit process to provide the basis for value-added advice to the client.  Although we can’t always promise to identify cost savings, we are always on the lookout for ways we can save the business money or improve its procedures and processes.

We do this by employing a highly qualified audit team with industry experience and overlaying our consultancy team’s commercial awareness on top of this at file review stage.  Although the audit is an exercise in looking backwards, our time spent face-to-face with the client is heavily weighted towards looking forward.

We are committed to the highest standards in audit execution and don’t compromise on quality under any circumstances.

We use the Mercia™ Audit Manual System which is the most comprehensive audit manual available on the market.  Although this system does require significantly more information than the system used by the majority of Irish auditors, we feel that extra work is beneficial for a number of reasons:

·    It provides us with a greater understanding of how your business operates which allows us to target our audit work more efficiently on the key areas of risk.  
·    It provides assistance with identifying breaches of company legislation which could result in an indictable offence being committed.  
·    The level of detail on the file means that new staff members can be briefed on the company without having to take up your valuable time

We have a preference to complete our field-audit work on-site as this gives our staff more exposure to your staff and your accounting systems.  It also provides you with immediate access to a member of our staff if there are issues you would like to discuss.  Of course, we are also happy to take books and records off-site for completion if required.

We are regulated to carry out statutory audit work in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom by the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.

Find out more details on the mechanics of the audit here

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