Budgetary Control

A startling fact is that most Irish businesses don’t have a financial budget.  We wonder what owner-managers measure their and their management team’s performance against?  How do they set incentive remuneration for their staff?  How do they decide if the business is reaching its potential?

None of these questions can be answered unless the business has set out a statement of how well it feels it should perform in the coming period.  In other words, set a budget.

We can either be engaged to prepare the entire budget, to train your team in how to prepare their own budget or to review and stress-test an already-prepared budget.

A full budgeting exercise examines the following issues:

  • Analysis of revenue and cost trends and identification of drivers
  • Comparison with previous period or previous year
  • Comparison with benchmark figures for your business sector, if available
  • Examination of the working capital cycle
  • Setting cash collection targets
  • Review of rolling monthly budgets

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