Clients Charter

Clients are at the core of any professional service organisation and we measure our success through our client’s success.  We value strong relationships with our clients.  We welcome regular contact as we feel that unless our clients keep us “within the loop” by bringing issues to our attention we cannot provide proactive and timely advice.
We recognise that businesses today need more than just the competency of an authoritative accountant.

In outlining why we believe clients should choose our firm, we have identified the key breakdown points in the client-advisor relationship and implemented solutions to ensure they do not occur in our relationship with you:

“I can never get in touch with my accountant” - we have invested in a phone system which transfers calls through to mobile phones.  We are always in the office ...... even if we’re in another country.  Although we can’t promise to always be available to take the call, we will revert on the next business day.

“I seem to be training my accountant’s staff on my time” – most of our staff are qualified accountants and consultants.  While we will spend quite some time with you at the beginning of the relationship, getting a comprehensive understanding of your business, our experienced staff members have advised many diverse businesses and will be able to offer valuable insights from the start.

“I don’t know what the fee is until the work is done .... and it goes up every year for no good reason” – we provide up-front fixed-fee quotes for all assignments which takes out the nasty surprise at the end.  We also try to keep future increases to a minimum by providing your staff with techniques which will save our time and your money in future years.  Find out more about our charging policy here.

“My accountant charges for every telephone call and letter” – we don’t and we won’t.  We want to stay in touch with you between assignments so that we can assist with the financially astute development of the business.  We will only charge when a clearly definable assignment is required and we will always quote in advance for your approval.

“I’ve missed deadlines in the past due to delays with my accountant” – we use a computerised deadline management system which will inform you of upcoming deadlines by phone, email or SMS in plenty of time.  We hate missed deadlines as much as you do.

We have the experience and skills to help you better manage and grow your business. Contact us for a free phone consultation and you can tell us what is foremost on your mind for your business.

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