Matrimonial disputes are forming an increasing portion of our caseload over the last few years and we expect this trend to continue for some time into the future.

We are often asked to prepare business or company valuations, which may involve attending the business premises, interviewing key personnel and analysing audited financial statements and up-to-date management accounts. The Internet can provide excellent research material for the industry in which the business operates, if not the business itself, and we are registered with several organisations which can provide this and other relevant financial data.

Our instructions invariably include requests for an assessment of the parties' ability to raise a capital sum, with the resultant tax consequences of so doing, and providing summaries of their past and future income or remuneration.

We are also asked to investigate issues of fraud, collusion or the dissipation of assets which often involves a detailed tracing exercise from the original income source to bank accounts, trust funds, share and other asset purchases both in Ireland and abroad.

Once our report is prepared and has been served we can also provide a review of the other side's expert accountancy report if necessary.

O’Hare Donohoe have extensive experience in presenting evidence as expert witness if ultimately our attendance at Court is required.

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