Tax Minimisation

The central goal of our tax department is to reduce our client’s tax bills as far as is legitimately possible while not losing sight of commercial considerations.

Each tax minimisation strategy is individually tailored to the client as what works for one will not necessarily work for another.  For example, a client who is in receipt of rental income has tax shelters which are not available to a client only in receipt of professional or trading income.

When we are formulating a strategy, we pay special attention to the interaction of a client’s business/company and the client themselves.  We examine the potential tax savings in each of the following areas:

  • Incorporation of a sole-trader business can often facilitate better tax planning – although the costs of greater corporate compliance need to be borne in mind
  • Self Administered Retirement Trusts (SART’s) are becoming key weapons in any tax minimization strategy.  For full details on SART's, click here
  • Proper use of the individualisation rules can result in a worthwhile tax saving for very little effort
  • Proper structuring of remuneration
  • Maximising use of losses

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